Y'all cain't get thar from hei-re

or, how do I get to Alaska...for free?

"Ed, I got friend from work who has access 2 a cabin in alaska, talk about a 4 day lic 4 salmon in june, u interested? I need 2 lern how 2 fish again can u help" [sic]

I had to put the phone down for a minute and close my eyes after seeing that text a few nights ago. How do you respond to something like this? My first intuition was, to quote the legendary Mr. Chappelle:

"I’m broke n*, I’m broke!!!"

I spent most of yesterday zoning out of meetings concocting schemes that would get me out there. So far, viability has been where they fall apart. But...you can help!

Alex has untold fortunes of revenue pouring in from advertisers, and he's looking for something to do with all this excess cash. Here's where you come in (Part 1); leave him a comment and vote for Option 4: Send FoulHooked to Alaska.

Once we get that taken care of, that should get us well on our way to our goal of $TBD, but you're not done yet you can still choose to help out (Part 2) individually. Once we start stealing Alex's money for personal gain our primary revenue source is in place, we will establish a donation site where you too can purchase my vacation for me help further this worthy cause.

Stay tuned for more details.


Miss Margaret said…
you're ridiculous!
if this succeeds, then you probably have enough fans to start earning $ from advertising and sponsors, too! Then, to quote the fabulous Mr. Chappelle, you can be shouting: "I'm rich, b*."
_gamma_ray_ said…
I hope you make it to Alaska! (Can't this be a work expense? Shouldn't they fly you up there for some consulting work or soil samples or something?)
Alex said…
If you're going to Alaska, you're gonna wanna be there more than 4 days. I know if I ever go, I'd try and make it at least a 3 week trip.

If the 40 Rivers trust fund doesn't work out, you can always do it like Christopher Mccandless did and let your thumb get you up there for free.

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