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Weigh in on NYS Fisheries, Regulations

Alright, so Alex already scooped me on this, but DEC is looking for public input on Lake Ontario's fisheries. There are 3 meetings next month to present the current status and future objectives of management efforts. If you've got something to say or just want to hear what's going on, check it out if you can make it, or send your comments to the Department.

Also, DEC has released a list of Possible Changes to Sportfishing Regulations for 2010. Of particular interest to me is removing an outdated provision, applicable to a significant portion of the state, allowing for a creel limit of 5 additional brook trout under 8 inches, above the 5 trout statewide limit. We all (well, most of us) realize the brookies have had a rough go at it due to our impacts, we should give them a bit of a break with this rule change. We should be trying to retain, protect and expand remaining wild and native fish stocks, not over-encouraging their harvest. Besides...I never end up catching my limi…


With all this talk about the AMFF and Cheney (enough already, we get it, everyone is pissed off...move on or do something about it) you might need something to brighten your day. Mike's post (specifically, photo) over at Steel should do the trick (if it doesn't sink you into deep depression for not being there).

Hey, as long as they're out there, I could give a rats ass about how Cheney fits into fly fishing, and who's gonna boycott the AMFF (not me, there's too much value in having them around, even if they are selling out). Now...somebody want to fly me out west?

(Oh yeah, and if/when the girl reads know I'm just kidding. Now go get some waders and learn to swing! um, er, spey!)

Our streams... a little safer yesterday. The EPA administrative rule change (spurred on by the Bush administration) that would have threatened the north east with continuing (and perhaps additional) mercury pollution is dead.

Be proud, ADK'ers; and post those stickers (mine is still in a pile of mail somewhere...).


Tom Chandler posted the Tapped trailer on Trout Underground today. Very interesting. Looks like it will be very compelling. I'll be waiting.

A Sign of Hope

After yesterday's post, I cut out of work early, raced home, rigged up a single conehead and hopped back in the truck hoping to be able to (safely) work my way down to a favorite hole.

No dice.

Maybe I'll be able to do some walking this weekend and get to some spots. But with the sun still setting early, there's no time during the week.

Soon though...soon.

I Can't Believe It's Happening To Me

I'm officially there. I promised myself it wouldn't happen. But there's nothing I can do about it.

I'm going stir crazy waiting for spring.

The plan was periodic trips to places like Pulaski and Eagleville, spaced out to carry me through winter. Instead, I shot my wad on the Salmon in autumn, and with bills piling up (including a brake overhaul over the holidays), I'm stuck in Albany County until spring.

Every day I cross over some of my summer hotspots on the way to/from work. Every day I slow down on the bridges just a little more than the day before, trying to see if access is even remotely reasonable yet. Every day I check the flow and you think the smallies are still there? Would it be worthwhile to check? Is risking life and limb to catch a warmwater fish in February really necessary?

We (Mitch, Brian, Hannah and I) took a walk down Ontario Street yesterday. It was almost more than I could handle. For some reason, the lady was less enthused t…

The Perfect Weekend

Perfect, low-key, warming weather weekend.

Work on re-finishing some furniture.
Finish moving my stuff (I know, should already be done by now...but hey).
Watch the dog.
Entertain the girlfriend.
Hit the farmers market.
Make some soup.
Pick up some more furniture to be re-finished.

Really, should be quite relaxing, and won't require much in the way of monitary expenditures.

So, my question is, what else do I need to throw in for you so I can head to Pulaski for a couple days?

This offer is good until 11:00 PM EST, Friday, February 6, 2009.

Where will you be Saturday, March 21, 2009?

I may be in to join?

Yeah, I'd rather be fishing (and maybe I will instead), but it's always a good day-trip up there. Besides...what's there to fish in March anyway...oh yeah...local ice-out time........

Suspicious Timing

Cause and effect or unfortunate coincidence? They are currently unable to link several methane contaminated residential water wells with natural gas production in the area, but it's hard to imagine they are not. Still, things aren't always that simple; that's why issues like this go to independent arbitration.

Thinking Of Summer...

Centered on my neighborhood...courtesy of Microsoft Live Search Maps. Fishing from work until dark and again dark until work. Spirits can flow as the sun sets; I'll simply walk home and pick up the car in the morning.

I live for the cold, but fair weather presents more opportunities...especially when your back (and front...and side and other side...) yard is a warmwater haven.

Do Yourself A Favor

I'm sure you've heard by now (if you haven't, you were probably too caught up in Super Bowl hype), another of the best of American authors died last week.

Why do I like Updike so much? I can't describe his writing nearly as eloquently as some, but, to me, he makes his characters and their trials infinitely relate-able; and the details of everyday life, no matter how seemingly mundane, ultimately beautiful.

I have read many Updike short stories, and I just finished Rabbit, Run and am a little into Rabbit Redux. My passion for reading Updike is following closely my deepening passion for fly-fishing. To me, if his words don't get to you on some emotional should probably stick to comic books.

Do yourself a favor...if you cant get to the water, read some Updike.

Say My Name

Alex decides to add another layer to FTF's Fly Tyer of the Year Contest. Just make sure you let him know who sent you...we'll split the winnings...(I'll photocopy a few pages from my subscription for you).