I Can't Believe It's Happening To Me

I'm officially there. I promised myself it wouldn't happen. But there's nothing I can do about it.

I'm going stir crazy waiting for spring.

The plan was periodic trips to places like Pulaski and Eagleville, spaced out to carry me through winter. Instead, I shot my wad on the Salmon in autumn, and with bills piling up (including a brake overhaul over the holidays), I'm stuck in Albany County until spring.

Every day I cross over some of my summer hotspots on the way to/from work. Every day I slow down on the bridges just a little more than the day before, trying to see if access is even remotely reasonable yet. Every day I check the flow and wonder...do you think the smallies are still there? Would it be worthwhile to check? Is risking life and limb to catch a warmwater fish in February really necessary?

We (Mitch, Brian, Hannah and I) took a walk down Ontario Street yesterday. It was almost more than I could handle. For some reason, the lady was less enthused than I as we (Brian and I) pointed out our typical routes, good holding areas, dangerous wades and treacherous currents. I strained to see Horseshoe Falls and longed to stand again on the precipice.

I'm thinking about August and we're not yet near April. This is a problem. Maybe moving to an island was a baaaaad idea.


Flying Ties said…
I hiked that stream today, as frozen as it is, and pitched small streamers into the small openings in the ice.

Then I stopped down at my spot on the Hudson and cast a few times, just for old times sake.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure I'll be fishing there this week. Access is good and the ice that lined the banks is starting to subside.

Yes, its worth it, even if just to wet a line. It takes your mind off of the fact that it isn't spring yet.
Shaq said…
ah yes, the old familiar feeling of cabin fever...pulling eyebrow hairs out one by one seems to work for a little while...
FoulHooked said…
FT - I took a run down to what I was hoping was a quick access point yesterday after work (ok, so I skipped out early). Let me assure you, it is NOT worth it. I've done some stupid things in my day, but I still try to avoid certain death.

"pulling eyebrow hairs out one by one"

Blew through mine, then moved on to the dog's...next it's the roommate or the girl.
HatchHunter said…
please leave my eyebrows alone
Flying Ties said…
Eh, I don't know your shore fishing opportunities, so I guess I can't say much really. As you know, I can shore fish in a lot of places up here, so its easy and easy access.

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