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Better Get Better Than This

Drums Along the Mohawk: Redux

Still haven't seen the movie.

When the water is down, there's a lot of territory to explore on the delta. Not enough to truly get lost, being situated at the nexus of 3 cities, 2 major river systems, a state park, railroad, multiple automobile bridges and a DPW center, but impressively, more than enough to lose yourself and experience what nature has been able to seek the delta's refuge.

This year every visit to the islands (but 1) has resulted in at least hearing a deer. Yesterday I saw the same doe twice on opposite sides of a side channel within an hour. I've jumped rabbits, been rushed by geese, stepped on catfish, and been a homing beacon for caddis. There are secluded places, believe it or not, where you almost feel in the wilderness. All you can hear is the rushing water and wind, and if you don't strain too hard, you can't even see the buildings in the distance. Surrounded by river, shale, forest...and these;

Do you see? Do You See!?
Oh, I'm sorry, forg…

So, are you in...or are you in?

10 day reminder. Spey Nation. June 20. 2009. Salivating.

Sustainable Salmon Farming Becoming A Reality....?

Not if you hear what Ms. Morton has to report from her Scandanavian fact-finding mission.