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Mud in the locks, ain't no big surprise...

Preliminary EPA and GE independent reports on Year 1 of the Hudson River dredging project are out, and they're something to take note of. The major highlights:

-Dredging is dirty work

-There's a lot of dirty dirt

Neither of these is a real revelation, but they were two of the main arguments used by pro- and anti-dredging advocates. What are the implications?

The antis were right, dredging mucked things up pretty good. Concentrations of contaminate in air and water spiked above EPA standards. Anyone who has been following the issue at all knows that dredging activities were suspended when downstream sampling indicated elevated PCB levels over the course of the season. We're putting people and the environment at risk by dredging.

The pros were right, something needed (needs) to be done. All indications are, there's a lot more nasty stuff down there than we had hoped to see. It hasn't decayed, been buried or washed away. It's both a ticking time bomb and a slow dose of…

"Nobody should be that obsessed with anything..."

...or so I've been told.

I don't buy it though.

Might even go so far as to say; everyone should be so lucky.

And in truth, many are.

Find something you love, and pursue it to no end. It will bring you happiness.

Passions need not be singular, exclusive of, or competitive with one another.

For some it's a "passtime." Of course, to them, passtime does not suffice as a descriptor. Perhaps it is the love of another person, or many. Maybe it's creative, objective, subjective, active, passive...maybe it's sleep. Maybe it's god, or God...or the gods...or our study thereof. Philosphy, history...future. Babies. Babymaking. Cats. Supernova. TV. Drugs. Work. Baseball. Noun. Verb. Adjective....

Nobody shouldn't be obsessed with something. Better yet, some things. Life's sweetness is in caring.

On another, sadder, note; fare thee well Coach C. For a select, lucky group, your obsession was mentoring and interacting with us for up to and ofte…



Unofficially...I may have to miss it for a wedding. But don't let that stop you. Good food, nice people, great beer, fantastic presentations and demos, incredible raffle prizes...not enough superlatives to describe. Hopefully I'm just misremembering the matrimonial date because this is at least as important.

Spey Nation III only happens once in a lifetime...who knows how many times you will get married?