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"Some observers are now questioning whether GE is laying legal groundwork to back away from the project as ineffective."

Really? Who would they be?

EPA vows dredging even without GE

Dear ESPN: Please Grow Up.

"I find it interesting that "his series started in October and has included several updates on how the creation of the task force and its actions could impact recreational anglers," or the powerful advertisers that profit from fishing, but none of the articles focus on what needs to be done so my children or their children will be able to fish. If ESPN wants to play in the policy realm of fishing, better get an education and stop printing the press releases of the Washington DC lobbists. Money and hysteria is a powerful tool in today's press. Please grow up."

A comment by reader 66matt301 on ESPN's "clarification" of their boneheaded article inciting riot in the fishing community over false claims. If you haven't read it already, a quick search should find it for you. I just wanted to share this one comment. Pretty applicable across the board on "news" sources these days too.