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The Infamous "Dave" Strikes Again...

I hope this doesn't put me out of the running for (another) prize out at Spey Nation next month (luck ain't my bag, baby), but...I WON SOMETHING! Well...I had some help.

My only question is...who's this "Dave" character, and why won't he leave me alone?

It's O.K. April, you'd be amazed to know the number of people that find my name confusing. Thanks for the book! Ella will love it (I hope).

As for me...guess I'll head to the lock for the rest of lunch and contemplate a name change.


Or catsup.

Dunked the camera out at the Salmon on the 1st and haven't gotten around to updating anything until now. So, to start, here's how our plan played out that weekend:
Phase I: Collect Underpants
(i.e. soiled diapers/depends and other assorted trash...from the riverbanks)

Phase II: ??? (try not to fall down...often)

Phase III: Profit!(smolts and chub"bie"s)

Oh yeah...and a couple of my wild exploits from April...