June 16, 2011

9 Days

Get yourself there.

February 10, 2011

Yet another letdown...

...for the 3 people that have been oh-(not)-so-patiently waiting for me to complete the Dear Joe series....

Another obsession has returned over the past 6-8 months. Faire de l'alpinisme. Not that I need another time-drain, but at least it's motivation to be less fat-and-lazy. The mountains' call is strong. While we're on the topic, check this out:

Top 5 NE Long Distance Day Hikes

Math may be off a little on some of them. Great range is tentatively scheduled for 2012. Burroughs might even be doable this year. Presi and Devils are on the agenda...not sure yet about Pemi.

Here's my ideal option (either direction works) for the Great Range (minus the Ore Bed Brook side-trip...hopefully won't have to leave the range just for water). Logistics may end up requiring a more traditional route (longer approach or return leg) but there's still about 17 months to figure it all out. Evidence that I've thought way too much about this already.

January 13, 2011

Piggers, or, Dear Joe Part V: HOT DAMN!

Fortunately, I have had (barely enough) time to get back to what's impo'tant...wasting my lunch break on the internets. Sorry for the delay.

6:01 PM, Thursday November 18, 2010

Dear Joe,

It's official...the mojo is back. I was really worried. See...my last...oh...5 or 6 days on the salmon...the ol' fishin hat hasn't brought me luck. Zippo. It's times like that can really make you lose heart. Nothing is harder to part with than a favorite hat. Well...except in your case...anything that requires you to miss out on epic fishing trips is tougher to part with...but this isn't about you, it's about my awesome hat. She did her job today though so looks like I don't have to retire her just yet. Despite another freezing gale, today we perservered, and were rewarded. Several fish landed. Photo'd only one (see attached). She's a beaut though. No doubt. I got a couple browns up top too, one buck almost as big as the hen steelie! Wasn't a ton of activity today but who wouldn't take it?

Have to admit...all fish taken today were on the drift, including a couple up by the wire. Hey, sometimes I just can't help it. Guess I got what was coming though...soon as I started hooking up the formerly empty bank had 3 new anglers on it.

Lookin forward to tomorrow; the non-brothers Doyle should be arriving shortly. Will be interesting to get Pat out.


My baby's back!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, green eggs for breakfast


Addendum - 12:22 AM, Friday November 19, 2010

Oh those MF'rs. Roll in late and stay up all night. Hey, great to see ya, but I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow; groggy eyes and hero-shots don't mix. We'll see how they like it when I wake them up in 4 hours. Nate's waders are leaking and he wouldn't take the time to let me see if I could fix them for him. If it holds him up or gets him wet tomorrow...screw 'im...if you want me to play guide come prepared. How come nobody I fish with is worthy? Your gung-ho-ness is missed.

January 7, 2011

Not Regularly Scheduled Programming

Morgan Lyle provides a primer on the what and why of 2-handing it in yesterday's Gazette. Unfortunately, you need a subscription to read it. Fortunately for me, a coworker brought in the article.

Oh, and apparently, Alex is tying at the next Clearwater TU meeting. I've really gotta start showing up to these things; already missed plenty of awesome tiers.

January 4, 2011

(y)ear to (y)ear

Gas in Troy (4 AM; shop closed): $3.27
Gas on the Thruway (4:30 AM): $3.31
Gas off Exit 31 (6 AM): $3.29
Gas in Pulaski (11:30 AM): $3.15 (?)
Gas in my waders (always): Free
A December 31st, 2010, 3-hour drive home, grinning like a fool...Priceless.

Happy New Year from Ole Sal Trutta. He mentioned something about the taste of rabbit fur too, but I didn't catch it all on account of the new piercing interfering with his speech. The "holidays" now over, we shall be returning to our regularly scheduled programming any day now. So, Nate, um...quityerbitchen.

December 16, 2010

Travel Day, or, Dear Joe V: OUCH

3:22 PM, Wednesday November 17, 2010

Dear Joe,

I almost died today.


First it was the suicidal doe as we were making our way to 390 this morning. I swear sparks were flying off her hooves when she realized she better get moving if she didn't wanna become a hood ornament. Seriously the closest near-miss I've had with a deer.

Made it to the Salmon OK in the end. 'Course severe winds and driving rain made the short afternoon a little less than pleasant. At least it made the dunking I received crossing back over the river a little less annoying. Tell you what though, did a number on my knee and shin. First legit fall I've had and it was a good one; if the water was a little deeper, probably wouldn't be as sore now. Camera's probably out of commission for a couple days and seriously shortened the life of my brand-new Goretex waist-highs. Rod's OK though, that's all that matters.

Did have a bump today but nobody landed anything. We're headed to You Guy's to lick our wounds, drown our sorrows and, hopefully, get back in it tomorrow. Water's low (compared to last year) so I'm not sure what the game plan is.

P.S. Any idea where I packed the aspirin?

December 13, 2010

Salvaged, or, Dear Joe IV: Free-Range Balogna

9:12 PM, Tuesday November 16, 2010

Dear Joe,

"Down at Oak Orchard Fly Shop, we don't F* around!"

Hahaha. I'll never forget those words (though that's only my best effort to reconstruct from memory what was actually said).

We stopped by the shop last night. Managed to bash my brains in on the car and prompt a laugh-fest doing so, but that's another story. Anyway, we were regaled with tips, tactics and theory in bombastic fashion and no uncertain terms. Seriously, the man was cool, helpful, and entertaining. Hooked us up with some stickers too. I grabbed some sweet speys (Gold Heron, Lady C...no, not that C).

Anyway, the place we ended up today, he had "joked" about a placemarker-shop that sold "free-range bologne." Weren't sure we were on the right track this morning until we actually saw a sign for "All Natural Free Range Bologna." Ain't that some shi.

Long story short, we got into some decent fish. Had at least 6 grabs, landed 1 swinging and 1 nymphing. Baulsir lost a couple and Gordy landed a jack. Pretty fish. Ran into a few other guys, including some poker/bald-face lying lowholing pinners, most were OK though. Bout the only interesting thing Bmar did was walk a half mile onto the reservation before we were able to get ahold of him and turn him around.

Back at the car packing up, the guy from the shop drops by to "check up" on us. A proud papa he was too when we informed him we got into some...hence the exclamation above. Anyway, feeling much better about the trip now. Almost wish we weren't headed east tomorrow, but you know what I say...there's always money in the banana stand.


From across the river. Yup...that's an indicator. Swung up the one before it though, I swear.

Gordy's flawless skipper.

P.S. Took the hosts out for dinner tonight. Nothin special but it was fun. They sure seemed to enjoy it but in no way have we repaid their graciousness. Also...we are some ugly fools:

Not hard to define the center of hair-gravity in this photo.
Side note (12/13/2010); I'm 100% sure at least 75% of us did not shower between Tuesday night and returning home the following Sunday. Eat your heart out.