(y)ear to (y)ear

Gas in Troy (4 AM; shop closed): $3.27
Gas on the Thruway (4:30 AM): $3.31
Gas off Exit 31 (6 AM): $3.29
Gas in Pulaski (11:30 AM): $3.15 (?)
Gas in my waders (always): Free
A December 31st, 2010, 3-hour drive home, grinning like a fool...Priceless.

Happy New Year from Ole Sal Trutta. He mentioned something about the taste of rabbit fur too, but I didn't catch it all on account of the new piercing interfering with his speech. The "holidays" now over, we shall be returning to our regularly scheduled programming any day now. So, Nate, um...quityerbitchen.


B-mar said…
This is not dear Joe VI
FoulHooked said…
how do you know?

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