Piggers, or, Dear Joe Part V: HOT DAMN!

Fortunately, I have had (barely enough) time to get back to what's impo'tant...wasting my lunch break on the internets. Sorry for the delay.

6:01 PM, Thursday November 18, 2010

Dear Joe,

It's official...the mojo is back. I was really worried. See...my last...oh...5 or 6 days on the salmon...the ol' fishin hat hasn't brought me luck. Zippo. It's times like that can really make you lose heart. Nothing is harder to part with than a favorite hat. Well...except in your case...anything that requires you to miss out on epic fishing trips is tougher to part with...but this isn't about you, it's about my awesome hat. She did her job today though so looks like I don't have to retire her just yet. Despite another freezing gale, today we perservered, and were rewarded. Several fish landed. Photo'd only one (see attached). She's a beaut though. No doubt. I got a couple browns up top too, one buck almost as big as the hen steelie! Wasn't a ton of activity today but who wouldn't take it?

Have to admit...all fish taken today were on the drift, including a couple up by the wire. Hey, sometimes I just can't help it. Guess I got what was coming though...soon as I started hooking up the formerly empty bank had 3 new anglers on it.

Lookin forward to tomorrow; the non-brothers Doyle should be arriving shortly. Will be interesting to get Pat out.


My baby's back!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm, green eggs for breakfast


Addendum - 12:22 AM, Friday November 19, 2010

Oh those MF'rs. Roll in late and stay up all night. Hey, great to see ya, but I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow; groggy eyes and hero-shots don't mix. We'll see how they like it when I wake them up in 4 hours. Nate's waders are leaking and he wouldn't take the time to let me see if I could fix them for him. If it holds him up or gets him wet tomorrow...screw 'im...if you want me to play guide come prepared. How come nobody I fish with is worthy? Your gung-ho-ness is missed.


Brian said…
"how come nobody i fish is worthy." - shot through the heart ed.
FoulHooked said…
ha. you know i'm full of crap.

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