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Mars, Venus and PCBs

"It's like GE's numbers are from Mars and EPA's are from Venus," said one of the members of the panel, environmental scientist Timothy Thompson.

...or was it...

...EPA's description of the PCBs left in the river "were from Mars, and GE's figures were from Venus.

No matter. Point is, GE still hasn't given up on giving up. I hate to sound cynical, but the recent reports make it look like their mindset all a long has been "if we make a big enough mess of this, maybe they'll have to let us off the hook."

Big Mac is headlining the sports news with sustained contrition these days. Sure, it's more about the new jobby job than anything, but at least it's something. At least he's not still From where I sit, EPA looks more like Canseco every day. Sure, not too many people up there are happy with them, and nobody has really loved what they have to say, but at least they seem to be telling the truth.