October 19, 2007

Everybody's doin it...

Who cares, another blog about subjects of interest to nobody, right? Well, in that case..."Jog On!"

I have no particular goal for this, my first foray into blogging (well, other than the random "Mysapace" post...that already bodes poorly for this endeavor doesn't it...). What DO I expect this to be?

-Loosely focused on fly-fishing, related environmental issues and philosophy, and my experiences as I (hopefully) morph from a novice fluff chucker (this has been my first serious season) into a competent beginner
-The occasional bit of humor (everybody's a comedian in their own mind) mixed in
-At a minimum, weekly posts, with trip reports accounting for at least half of them (i know, strange time of year to start a fishing blog...)
-Personal relaxation and a reason to pursue FF related interests...as i do not (competently) tie flies, this seems as good a medium as any to expand my relationship with the sport in the offseason, as well as in season
-Additional subject matter to convince Joe to take up the sport, and get Nate to dedicate more time to it

Will it fail miserably? I hope so...better that than to be forever relegated to the purgatory of mediocrity...which is more likely the course this ship will sail.

Coming soon - the ethics of a sportsman...(part I?)