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So I've Been Told...

1. Long, delicate casts to visible, actively feeding targets on sunny, sweltering days are your best bet.
2. Sixth-sense strike detection is an art that must be mastered.
3. Expect at least one, mile-long, freight-train run.
4. Once hooked, given stout enough tippet, you're unlikely to lose them.
5. Though carp are fickle, once it "clicks", they start to come much easier.

I'm sure in general 1 and 2 up your chances dramatically...but so far I can only attest to 3 and 4.

Stole 90 minutes last night as the river was "bottoming out" at a cool, extremely turbid, 5,000+ CFS. Though the weather was pleasant (other than a slightly stiff breeze out of the SW), the water didn't look to promising. With the heavy sediment load added to the fairly high flow, no way was crossing the riffles-turned-rapids gonna happen, so a quick tour of the relatively slack water yielded not even a bump from the smallmouth that I had hoped would keep things interesting.

Up at the bottom of…