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The river is going down, down, down. Release is slated to be 335 cfs through the weekend. Me no likey. Bring on the rain!

Getting It

I'm woefully underprepared for November. 10 days, 2 lakes, +/-7 counties and as many rivers. Haven't had a chance to quite "dial-in" the switch rod. Dozens of flies still to tie. And at least 1 trip between then and now just to make sure things are working.

Statewide trout season closes Thursday at midnight. That leaves 3 days to get back to Default. Weather looks OK other than tomorrow. Wonder how many trips I can squeeze in before zero-hour.

Very much enjoyed the past 2 weekends on the Salmon. Miss Hannah got to see what it's all about this weekend. We saw it all. Fishermen, hooligans, vistas, shops, lakeside sunsets, campfire rain. Everywhere was crowded, though not as bad as I expected, and nothing compared to the number of fish at the hatchery. Didn't fish, but watched and discussed anglers vs liners vs snaggers; casting vs chuck 'n' duck; fighting a fish vs standing in the water like an asshat, rod bent, line stretched 150 yards downst…


This Just In: We Don't Count

Forgotten or ignored? Hey, prob shouldn't piss off one of the largest groups of could-be supporters of this initiative by not including them. Alright...e'r-body back tuh the pile...errrr...drawing board.

rabble rabble rabble

Because I don't have enough to do already...

...I'm going to try to make it to Manchester in two weekends.

On a related note, got an abbreviated spey lesson from Walt Geryk on the Salmon this weekend. First time meeting, and from what I can tell, helluva guy. The success story of the weekend was all the knowledge I gained from him, Keith Collins, Chris Stiles and on my own trying out new things, all for the price of gas and a campsite. Even ran into Geoff throwing some nice loops from across the river Saturday night. Would have been nice to at least hook a salmon (or trout...), but a single good tug, a landed fallfish, and a lot of learning were more than enough to make it worthwhile. Now...need to shell out for a little more gear, get the tying on, and head back out! Oh yeah...and my shoulders are burning...need to work on that form.