Getting It

I'm woefully underprepared for November. 10 days, 2 lakes, +/-7 counties and as many rivers. Haven't had a chance to quite "dial-in" the switch rod. Dozens of flies still to tie. And at least 1 trip between then and now just to make sure things are working.

Statewide trout season closes Thursday at midnight. That leaves 3 days to get back to Default. Weather looks OK other than tomorrow. Wonder how many trips I can squeeze in before zero-hour.

Very much enjoyed the past 2 weekends on the Salmon. Miss Hannah got to see what it's all about this weekend. We saw it all. Fishermen, hooligans, vistas, shops, lakeside sunsets, campfire rain. Everywhere was crowded, though not as bad as I expected, and nothing compared to the number of fish at the hatchery. Didn't fish, but watched and discussed anglers vs liners vs snaggers; casting vs chuck 'n' duck; fighting a fish vs standing in the water like an asshat, rod bent, line stretched 150 yards downstream, trying to pull the fish back up to you while preventing everyone else from fishing; lifecycles, strains and species of salmon vs trout.

At one point, we watched a colored-up (and visibly exhausted/spent?) male coho holding a foot off the bank, facing ("downstream") into an eddy-current for a good 10 minutes. A couple guys with rods (anglers, liners, snaggers?) must have taken note, as once we started to move on, they started to move in. The fish didn't move even as they approached within feet (as in, 2). I observed as the lure(?) was dangled at rod-tip on the fish's nose. Nothing happened that required my intervention beyond a mere chuckle. Especially when m'lady questioned how one could be proud of a fish snagged at rod-tip.

It remains to be seen, but I think she's starting to "get it."


Flying Ties said…
Oh, the default. Catch one for me, will you?
Miss Margaret said…
Why can I picture you telling her, "You know I spoil you, Babe" on a trip in the near future.
ahope said…
Haha, I should have been watching and discussing with you. What a zoo it was...if it wasn't going to be my last time out until about Thanksgiving I would have just watched too.
FoulHooked said…
ahope, i had a built-in excuse for staying out of the water...guiding 3 SR virgins or ditching them to fish was out of the question, so we saw the sights instead. if it weren't for that i would have braved it again. didnt even hook a king this year.

"about thanksgiving"...we'll be out there the 19th-22nd

MM-trust me, she's lucky and knows it

FT-well, you already know by now, but it was a successful trip and close to the season, to say the least

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