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From the "Who Gives A F*ck" Files

Seriously? Is this worth all the hubbub? OK, we get it, lots of things are catchable, "on the fly." Cool, guy caught another shark. So?

Don't get me wrong, it's cool that he fly fishes for sharks. It's cool that he caught the most feared predator of the sea. But the story barely arouses a passing interest with me, except the annoyance at seeing it around every internet corner.

What do these stories actually offer? What about this story is applicable to the people reading and spreading it? To me, its no more pertinant than celebrity gossip in the tabloids.

Maybe I'm just cranky because this meeting keeps getting called in then re-delayed. Or maybe I'm tired from catching 150 lbs of salmon this weekend. Suck it.

Need to eat some salmonid!

Was counting on bringing home some kings from Lake Ontario last weekend...but it was not to be. At least we didn't sink like this guy. (Discussion at LOU forum)

Now FOTL has to post his mushroom-stuffed brookie recipe.

Saturday we will be back at the Pro-Am, hopefully with better results, and something to bring home (rather than give away) this time. Lets hope the weather holds out.

Running Away

April Vokey's blog on Hatches struck a note. I feel guilty even mentioning it...if too many people read it, it might incite a mass runaway.

"Whoever said that “running away from a problem is not the solution”, obviously never ran far enough away. Either that, or he was the asshole that was being run from."

Especially when it's to legendary rivers.