Yet another letdown...

...for the 3 people that have been oh-(not)-so-patiently waiting for me to complete the Dear Joe series....

Another obsession has returned over the past 6-8 months. Faire de l'alpinisme. Not that I need another time-drain, but at least it's motivation to be less fat-and-lazy. The mountains' call is strong. While we're on the topic, check this out:

Top 5 NE Long Distance Day Hikes

Math may be off a little on some of them. Great range is tentatively scheduled for 2012. Burroughs might even be doable this year. Presi and Devils are on the agenda...not sure yet about Pemi.

Here's my ideal option (either direction works) for the Great Range (minus the Ore Bed Brook side-trip...hopefully won't have to leave the range just for water). Logistics may end up requiring a more traditional route (longer approach or return leg) but there's still about 17 months to figure it all out. Evidence that I've thought way too much about this already.


Justin Serpico said…
Thanks for the link. The math is debatable on any trail description, where it was available I took the book mileage and elevation gains. In the Adirondacks for instance the trail signs often conflict with the map and guide book distances. Where it wasn't listed, I simply used National Geographic Topo! to make my calculations by tracing the route and then building an elevation profile. My guess is the #s are pretty close, certainly not off by more than 10% in either direction. Basically if the hike was hard it will either have been 10% harder or 10% less hard. No big surprises!

No matter what, those are 5 hikes that every hiker should at least attempt, several are doable by the less athletic.

Thanks again for reading my blog.

FoulHooked said…
Had to link it...your pics and descriptions had just enough detail and options to make me start obsessing (more) about possible routes.

It amazes me how difficult it can be to find accurate, or at least, non-conflicting distances for some trails...even well-known ones. The most "reliable" seem to be the guide books. 10% can be a big deal when you're dealing with 25 mile days.
Sunny Haralson said…
Thanks for the comment. I accidentally deleted it. But thanks :)

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