February 3, 2009

Thinking Of Summer...

Centered on my neighborhood...courtesy of Microsoft Live Search Maps. Fishing from work until dark and again dark until work. Spirits can flow as the sun sets; I'll simply walk home and pick up the car in the morning.

I live for the cold, but fair weather presents more opportunities...especially when your back (and front...and side and other side...) yard is a warmwater haven.


Flying Ties said...

My god man, I thought I was lucky.

See you in your front Lawn, sometime mid June, on a Friday afternoon around 4:30.

Miss Margaret said...

be ready, all of your kazillions of fans will be showing up on your doorstep any time now.

Flying Ties said...

2 Words.

Freshwater Drum.

FoulHooked said...

"Freshwater Drum."

I know where they are too (top center). Now...do you have any good clam flies?

Flying Ties said...

Why yes, yes I do


I've caught smallmouth that were breaking clams open on the bottom in the Hudson using a light tan woolly bugger dragged along the bottom really slowly.