Thinking Of Summer...

Centered on my neighborhood...courtesy of Microsoft Live Search Maps. Fishing from work until dark and again dark until work. Spirits can flow as the sun sets; I'll simply walk home and pick up the car in the morning.

I live for the cold, but fair weather presents more opportunities...especially when your back (and front...and side and other side...) yard is a warmwater haven.


Flying Ties said…
My god man, I thought I was lucky.

See you in your front Lawn, sometime mid June, on a Friday afternoon around 4:30.
Miss Margaret said…
be ready, all of your kazillions of fans will be showing up on your doorstep any time now.
Flying Ties said…
2 Words.

Freshwater Drum.
FoulHooked said…
"Freshwater Drum."

I know where they are too (top center). you have any good clam flies?
Flying Ties said…
Why yes, yes I do

I've caught smallmouth that were breaking clams open on the bottom in the Hudson using a light tan woolly bugger dragged along the bottom really slowly.

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