Weigh in on NYS Fisheries, Regulations

Alright, so Alex already scooped me on this, but DEC is looking for public input on Lake Ontario's fisheries. There are 3 meetings next month to present the current status and future objectives of management efforts. If you've got something to say or just want to hear what's going on, check it out if you can make it, or send your comments to the Department.

Also, DEC has released a list of Possible Changes to Sportfishing Regulations for 2010. Of particular interest to me is removing an outdated provision, applicable to a significant portion of the state, allowing for a creel limit of 5 additional brook trout under 8 inches, above the 5 trout statewide limit. We all (well, most of us) realize the brookies have had a rough go at it due to our impacts, we should give them a bit of a break with this rule change. We should be trying to retain, protect and expand remaining wild and native fish stocks, not over-encouraging their harvest. Besides...I never end up catching my limit anyway....

Take a look at the rule changes. If you've got something to say about them, or something else to add, let them know.


Flying Ties said…
Funny you mention this, I was just thinking a couple of hours ago while reading the nys reg's that the 5 brookies under 8" was one regulation that needed to be changed immediately.

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