Our streams...

...got a little safer yesterday. The EPA administrative rule change (spurred on by the Bush administration) that would have threatened the north east with continuing (and perhaps additional) mercury pollution is dead.

Be proud, ADK'ers; and post those stickers (mine is still in a pile of mail somewhere...).


Flying Ties said…
Stickers? Why didn't I get a sticker?

This makes me very, very happy. I only harvest fish a few months of the year, but when I do I'd rather not fill myself with a heavy metal like substance.

And since I plan on wet wading a lot this year, and I fish a decent amount of hours (10 or more hours per week April -> December), I'd rather not be standing in high mercury content waters. Though I haven't seen any research about it leeching in through skin, I'd rather not take that chance.

Thanks for the report
Bdubbs said…
Looking at picking up the fly fishing hobby starting this summer here in CO Ed, any pointers for an experienced lake fisher transitioning over to fly? And start saving some dough for a fly fishing excursion here.
FoulHooked said…
Whats the matter dubbs, didnt feel like emailing?

I started pretty much by just buying a setup and jumping into it. The learning curve was steep, but there's a lot of info online that helped me get myself into it.

There are a lot of angles to go at this from, but I'd suggest checking out the local forums. See if there is any place (local shop, chain store, TU, outdoor events/conventions) they recommend for a newbie to get started. If you're lucky, you might even wind up scoring a free lesson or some secondhand gear from the forum regulars.

You really don't need much to get started. And keep in mind that high-end rods are better matched to experienced casters (guys like us won't be able to get that extra performance out of them). If you end up outfitting yourself at a reputable local shop it will probably cost more than bargain hunting around the internet, but it should come with some invaluable information.

Get some info and get out there, and I'll join you as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by. Oh yeah, and if you want advice you can always call too.

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