I guess...I'll see you all in hell...

Capt Gordon's post about checking himself out on wikipedia inspired me to do the same. I wish I hadn't.

Turns out I was a pretty notorious cyber-criminal turned real-life criminal. Ouch. And if that wasn't bad enough...

FBI-mug shot from the Wikipedia article...the spitting image of the real Me...after a rough weekend (or as I sit here typing this, unshaven, in a dirty tshirt)

So, of course, a little disheartened but my curiosity piqued, I figured Google had to have something a little more uplifting. Perhaps something spotlighting FH, or my illustrious football career...or just some stupid story leaked by foolish college buddies.

Instead...it just told me I'm going to Hell...and 248 of 250 people poled agreed.


Oh, and while we're at it...Backpacker brings great news from the Capitol. You gotta be fistf&^%&% me!


Miss Margaret said…
very uplifting. thanks.


Margaret B*****
-nothing came up for that name, but Margaret and B***** came up in relation to the article "Duchess of Malfi"

Margaret D*******
-principal of an elementary school
-beautiful woman who inspired the building of an impressive mansion.

aw, no murdering of family members.
only one way to change that.....
Capt Gordon said…
LOL. LOL. and might iI ad LOL!
Brian said…
thats pretty funny....It does look remarkably like you....especially yesterday!

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