Opening Niiiiight....

The trout season pseudo-opener is Wednesday. Luckily, the weather doesn't look especially promising, which will make sitting at my desk all that much more bearable.

Took a scouting run to Default this Saturday. I was impressed, encouraged and disturbed all at once. I didn't see any fish activity, but the water looked very fishable and the meltwater flows have rearranged the pool slightly to make it more interesting (read: easier to nymph). I'm a bit afraid though, that the relatively moderate and crystal flows I saw on Saturday might mean virtually no water by June. Aside from that, Default is probably well on it's way to losing fishability for a Wednesday afternoon trip.

Not that it could stop me.

Default in Fall


Flying Ties said…
I'm going to be exploring new water on the 2nd. I have PT on the 1st, otherwise I'd be exploring it that day. I'm still confined to shore fishing so I can't really head to the trout water that I know.

Good luck

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