I think we're there.

I know it's always risky to think of spring in March...in the Northeast...but I think we're there. Why?

Well, Saturday FT, Brian, Joe and I hit the delta looking for...well...anything. Generally, I'll fish it anywhere between 600 cfs (the bottom, and yes, it gets that low) and 2,500 cfs. Saturday was around 5k, but clear(ish) and very fishable...other than probably being somewhere between 32 and a balmy 32.9 degrees.

Didn't catch anything, but felt a couple tugs between us (that sounds dirty). It was good to get out, and cool to see the river where it was. Even though the water was a bit high, we were able to cross the lower riffles to Peebles Island, in part because the clear water helped me see where to put my feet. Anyway, the Horshoe Falls were running pretty good.

Back to how I know it's spring...
Saturday Morning - 5,000 cfs
Sunday Morning - 25,000 cfs
Monday Morning - 42,000 cfs
Monday Evening - 55,000 cfs

Has it peaked...probably not. But we're well on our way.


Flying Ties said…
It's at or above 55,000 right now? Crap. Thats a lot of water. You've gotta get down there to take some photos.

Thanks for showing me that spot. Wickedly nice, and the drive down offers a lot of opportunity to make a full day of rough-fishing culminating in some evening flats fishing. Was great to get out one more time before I'm laid up for a while. I had a bunch of fun.

Surgery went well - just hanging out with my leg in the air right now.
FoulHooked said…
Good to know you're doin alright...keep on those meds. By the time you're ready, the shad should be on their way up and you should be on your way back down here to meet them.

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