Tweeted Out

This one's for you Pat.

"It’s tempting to dismiss Twitter fever as a passing fad, the Pokémon of the blogosphere. But it’s beginning to look more like yet another gateway drug to full-blown media narcissism.

It’s not just television, of course. Ordinary people, bloggers and even columnists and book authors, who all already have platforms for their views, feel compelled to share their split-second aperçus, no matter how mundane."

Sure, there's legit value in it as well, and maybe, some day, I'll see the light. But for now...I'll pass on this whole twitter mania thing. What...I don't have enough going on already?


Anonymous said…
this is why its hot:

FoulHooked said…
Not impressed. I'm abandoning all electronic and electrical forms of communication. From now on, you can reach me via USPS if you know my address, or post an ad in the Times Union or Schenectady's Daily Gazette (or Troy Record...HA, zing). The idea sounds familiar but I'm going to pass it off as my own.
_gamma_ray_ said…
I actually read a great article on the 5 stages of Twitter acceptance. Since I am pretty much forced to use any and all new social media to earn my paycheck, I've discovered some usefulness to the whole Twitter craze. I'd like to think I'm on to stage 4 professionally, and stage 2 personally.

Check out the stages...they are true.
Miss Margaret said…
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Miss Margaret said…
I am impressed with the invention of twitter. Brilliantly simple and probably made the creator some mula.

Personally, I'm stuck on level two. I just don't have a twitter lifestyle.

But, I'm not as out-of-date as Carl...he just asked what I was doing and I replied that I was "Commenting on of my brother's blogs." His response: "He's up now?"
FoulHooked said…
1.5 I get it, its not for me.
Anonymous said…
In the two months I have used twitter it has changed the way I use the internet.

It has almost replaced RSS for me. Instead of sifting through 100s of feeds looking for a headline that catches my eye, I find more value in links posted by people I trust on the share function in Google reader but at a larger scale/reach.

Amazingly I have found myself using instead of google for certain type of searches. Mostly if I want to find quick feedback on different technologies, products, and events.

Lastly, I am in LA 90% of the time so this works better here then in troy. Before I go out to any event or bar I will search on twitter to see if there are any tweets (got to use the lingo) happening there and what the vibe is. Last I went out there were about 25 tweets within the hour saying it was quite the scene. Like the site says..."See what's happening — right now."


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