Suicide Runs

Sometimes there are fish to be caught, and that's all that matters. So this past weekend meant a trip out to Lake Ontario to hang some hardware in the Fair Haven Challenge salmon derby. Unfortunately for me, that meant I had to be at the Oswego launch for a 5:30 am departure Saturday. Thankfully I didn't have any trouble getting some sleep in before my 3 hour drive...that is to say, I did not attempt any sleep.

Started Friday off with a nice, fully organic breakfast sandwich and coffee. Got out of work in time to head up the Hudson a-ways with Brian for some smallie action (lost a magnificent fly to the biggest bass I've had on a fly...barely had the hook set, turned to see if Brian was watching my skillful maneuvering...and it was suddenly over. now I don't have any olive bunny strips.). Headed home early (about 8 pm) for some food and a shower, a couple beers, one scotch, and some Always Sunny. A quick workout to get the blood flowing, re-upped the iPod with the Gnarles CD I've been forgetting to load since I bought it the day it came out, and hit the road.

At the dock by 5:30; lines in by 6. 4 salmon (24, 17, 17 and 15 lbs each), one laker (21", released) and one missed fish. Weigh-in at 3, placed 5 out of 73, made enough back to cover expenses (a free day of fishing beats a free day of sitting around), back to Oswego to get the fish cleaned (Chuck is a master) and batten down the hatches. In bed by 7 pm.

Awake again at 4:30 am. LET'S DO IT AGAIN! Sunday was a little rougher somehow. The water started out rougher, but that wasn't the issue. The kicker motor was acting up, we weren't catching much (ended up with 2 20+ lb'ers, still good), and by 11 am, the wind was dead and the sun was blazing. Still...better on the water than the sofa. 6 hours of driving, 14 hours of fishing, 10 hours of sleep in 3 days. It was a good if we can get rid of some of this fish....

After this, wasn't sure we'd be trolling again...ever...(this is what happens to suicide-runners)
Alas, here we were. I love this view. Every time I see it. Something about duality. Some day I'll actually get a good picture of it.
The Cap'n with Saturday's catch. Trust me, those fish are bigger than he makes them look.


Flying Ties said…
Looks like an absolute blast!

Seriously, I'd be willing to sacrifice my freezer and self if you really need to find a home for some of that fish.

Really. I swear, its not imposing.
FoulHooked said…
We'll see where we're at after tonight. If we go next weekend I'll definately make sure and get you some.
Flying Ties said…
Hah! I was only kidding, but if you really want to bring some back for me, I wouldn't say no.

I'll be making my own run in October, but hopefully they'll be snagge... uh, I mean, hooked with a fly rod in small water.
Miss Margaret said…
Though of yous guys this weekend. The combination of all the culverts overflowing and the power being out for lots of people still has inspired the fishermen to come out into the roadways and neighborhoods. Saw a guy fly fishing (is there a verb for it?) in the huge culvert that runs along the most Southern part of Minton Rd. Ella shouted, "Be careful, Mr. The alligators live there. They might chomp you!" out her window.

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