Pennsylvanians love their bread...apparently...

Seriously? You've got to be kidding me. This is the most controversial thing you have to fight about? (via Ted Williams)

Here's a kind of an open-ended question...what percentage of high-public-use areas that sustain wild- (or pseudo-wild-) life that you have visited display signs about not feeding the wildlife? There's a reason they're everywhere, it isn't just to rain on your parade.

In this case, the authority in question even accounted for the emotionally defended and entrenched practice of feeding garbage to garbage-fish by providing for a cleaner, and supposedly healthier alternative. OK, so they're going to be making the money off of it instead of the bakeries and local stores. OK, so you might only get a couple handfuls of pellets for the same price as a loaf of bread. OK, so you lose out on decades (decades? are we serious people? decades? fine, the 30's...that's almost 80 years, i can respect that) of tradition.

I will completely agree with you that these are all extremely important and equally terrible and destructive issues if you will agree with me that you are all morons. Seriously...why are you even fighting this...the fish will be there...the ducks will be can still feed them...suddenly all the 300k tourists are going to stop coming because the fish food costs twice as much per pound as the bread? Grow up people.


Flying Ties said…
Did you completely miss the terrible cliche?

A state legislator has also cast her line into the water on the new policy, which is to become effective at the start of 2009.

There are bread fly patterns for a reason - you chum the fish up with chunks of bread then throw your square, white fly out at them and watch as they hammer it, totally unsuspecting of the hook that is embedded in it. How much more fun can that be?!
FoulHooked said…
for me, it's more fun just to rip on them for crying
Miss Margaret said…
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Miss Margaret said…
are you kidding me...this is the most interesting thing you could link to your blog?

ok, so it was entertaining. re-freaking-diculus! how is the town going to survive the hit to tourism? did taxpayers pay for this fishy research? i bet lots of charts were made and hours put into powerpoint presentations for this one. wonder if they thought to argue that the people food changed the fish poo which altered the composition of the spillway water?

i do agree with the research and all, just wonder how much prep was really necessary to make the argument strong enough to debate the bread-feeders?

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