Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's boredom. Maybe I need something exciting to do. Maybe it's just nothing, but I just don't feel like typing this week.

Maybe it's the high prices of tying materials. Quite honestly, I have more than I need, but who doesn't want it all...and you could spend a grand and not even scratch the surface. Not to mention my need for a new vise (or perhaps a new vice...nah, they never lead anywhere good). But then again, I don't even feel like tying at all this week.

Maybe it's because the trout have snubbed me. Water has been perfect, and they have been there (even had some takes and noisy refusals), but nothing to hand. Of course, bent hookpoints are never good for hooking fish (watch out for that metal guardrail).

Maybe it's because last weekends trip north never happened...rain and other obligations and such.

Maybe it's just because I'd rather be fishing...always...well, virtually. Last night's trip to the Mohawk revealed a surprise...stripers. Lots of them. Just babies though, nothing over 9". Still, it was cool. Cast, little smallmouth, cast, cast, cast, little striper, cast, little striper, cast, cast, little smallmouth, you get the idea. One hefty smallie in the 15" range. Nothing spectacular, but a good day.

We'll see what today brings. Mohawk flows were down all day (below 1k cfs), but now look headed back up to 3 or 4...hopefully not much higher.

Work is tiring...or maybe just boring this week. These weeks are few and far between, so I'll take it as it comes.

Of course, it's tough to write when you have too much to read...as always, my GoogleReader list keeps expanding...50 outdoors-related (loosely) feeds and counting...who has time for real news.

The boys are back in town this weekend (a few of them anyway)...and weather permitting, check out an new/old area with FT on Sunday. Hopefully just what the doctor ordered, a little re-invigoration.

Oh yeah...turns out NYC does have somthing to say about drilling in the Marcellus...everyone knows you don't mess with Texas, but F- with NY's reservoirs and you'll likely end up anchored to the bottom of one.


Flying Ties said…
Hopefully the storms hold off on Sunday. I'll be looking forward to it until then. Rain doesn't bother me so I'll be fishing regardless, but I try not to get hit by lightning.

Waited out the electrical storm tonight and fished in the rain until it cleared up. One of my best days on the Hudson - so its worth it if you don't mind being wet.

I think its something with the air. The time of year. The foul weather. Something. Is this what that song "Summertime Blues" was about? Maybe.

Hopefully this weekend will prove to be a highlight and start off next week much stronger. I already told you but, if it looks like its going to be a wash in Fort Anne, I'll show you where my pet fish live. There are a few of them.
Miss Margaret said…
Yep, doldrums here, too. Visit a dog shelter. Answer your phone if we call; Carmela will sing "Skinnamer-inky-dinky-dink" and make you laugh.

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