Some, some, some I, some I murder; some I-some I let go

That'll be the story (hopefully) this weekend. Generally C&R all the time (99% of the time, all the time), this trip the big boys stay in the cooler. When you feel a need for suspected carcinogens and bioaccumulated inesctisides, you head for the fish with "lethal poison through their system." Granted, Great Lakes salmon are relatively clean by modern, local standards...I guess...
So, now that John's boat is repaired, I'm playing 1st mate for the derbies this weekend. Hopefully we can sign up at least one other person...never been so hard to find people to go...not sure if it's because of Travers or...well...what happened last time (if I can find the pic, I'll show you).

Yeah, I'd rather be standing in the river with a brand new spey package (anyone...anyone...? hey, I'll take used, not picky) but this will do for now...cant let a guy down.
No one on the corner has swagger like us. (Why is this song stuck in my head for 3 straight weeks? Thanks Nate.)

This is just a baby compared to what we want this weekend.


Flying Ties said…
I can't even comment on the song (I heard it first on another blog I read, and forgot about it until now).

I've got so much crap going on this weekend that I probably wont be fishing at all - but salmon from a boat sounds an awful lot like fun to me.
Miss Margaret said…
hey a picture of you
on your blog
where we can actually see your face
go figure
you're beautiful
i miss you

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