There's no such thing as roughing it these days...

Singlebarbed got me laughing with a post about "camping" vs. roughing it...and also got me thinking about how I never recapped our April weekend. Figured at the very least, I could post a few pics to help prove some points (namely, that my friends and I are still young-and-dumb).
-Just got in...not sure what the BOTTLE is that's getting PASSed...might be Wild Turkey. That's me in the bottom right. Before the trip I told the big guy (to the left of me...dead) it was about 1.5 miles and mostly downhill...once we realized the road was closed, it became 4 miles and mostly bad Brian.

-First morning...leanto holds a lot of man...did a job on a couple of the bottles...still plenty left for the coming evening. Hey! A-holes! Get up, it's 6:00 and 35 degrees already! There's plenty of empty ponds to fish!

-NO MERCY! See those rocks on the ice...yeah, they didn't just "appear" there..."someone" had to "throw" them at "Joe." Did I mention the pond was completely iced over when we got 9:30 the night before?

-I'd rather find a comfortable log, thank you very much.

-And finally, "Mine's bigger than yours."


Margaret said…
Ha. Camp fashion. Long-johns under cargo shorts. Brilliant. And I thought the t-shirt on a frozen lake was funny when u sent it. Ya know, you wouldn't have to pack as much it you were in a warmer climate. Say, like with us in FL. Don't try that, can't find good work down there shit. As a wise little brother said recently, "There are environments all over the earth. In fact, the earth is an environment." OK, fine. Maybe when you get to be Kbarton10's age and the bones start to really ache. Miss ya.
Flying Ties said…
Looks like it was a lot of fun. I recall seeing a photo from that trip - what about the most recent?

The kind of camping you did there is what I really enjoy. I don't drink much, but a fine microbrew (you know what I'm talking about) does the body good after a crap-load of hiking.

By the way, I'm pretty envious of your job... or at least line of work.
FoulHooked said…
We know fashion. Too bad you can't see Brian's big red uni. And if I can't play in the snow once in a while, I might as well be dead anyway.

FT-We won't *force* you to drink whisky (or whiskey for that matter), but you will be ostricized.
No pics of the Newcomb trip (to my knowledge)...of course, electricity and motorized boats don't really qualify as roughing it either.
Flying Ties said…
Ostracized I'm used to - picked on, I'm not.

I can handle both,though.

A bit of whiskey isn't a bad thing either.

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