T'aint so bad

Patterson signed the bill. Times Union called it "risky." I don't think that headline is appropriate. Or rather, I think it is ambiguous.

The point is, as stated in the article, the "streamlining" process approved by Patterson is to go hand-in-hand with updated guidance documents (the scoping document and impact statements mentioned). I am lucky (or perhaps, unlucky) enough to be in a position to understand essentially what this will entail...and it will likely include additional volumes of material by which applications must be measured.

Yes, there are potential threats here. But I, for one, am satisfied (for the time being) with how the state is handling this. The provisions set out by Patterson (which were likely influenced by the concerned voices of the masses, good job guys) should help set the groundwork for "responsible development of the resource." And if you followed the conversation at all, these were ideas under consideration by NYSDEC anyway.

We're not out of the woods yet, but hopefully this bill, in combination with the required updates, if carried out responsibly, will provide for a more thorough, uniform review of drilling applications. With any luck, this will be a blessing, not a detriment, to the environment.

On a related note, CNBC reports on a pro-active approach of the companies in working with agencies and organizations to address water needs. (July 16)


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