"No time, NO TIME!"

"But she did..."

So much going on, so little time. Perhaps, if it is storming tonight when I get out of work, I'll forgo the Mohawk in favor of the "virtual river of information," that great, ubiquitous internet. The way things are shaping up though, that is not a foreseeable alternative.

In the mean time...

Newcomb was fun. Short version-3 bass between 4.5 fishermen hitting the water Friday night and all day Saturday. None of them on flies. But it's all about just getting out there...right?

Hit Cohoes again yesterday with Brian, lots of fish including a few ~12 inchers and one over.

Geoff over at The Angler's Net sent this my way...great topic that I've been following (from a distance) for a while...I may have to weigh in if time permits.

Always good to see fisheries articles in the hometown pape...Post Star will have something tomorrow on switching landlocked salmon strains for stocking purposes...implications....?????? (Should we be stocking Adirondack lakes with Maine salmon? Does it matter? Will we actually see the improved survivability and spawning rates they are touting?)

I ordered a tuna fish sandwich today...I couldn't help it...I kind of felt guilty/hypocritical...now I feel sick.

Tomorrow, parents need some work done. Thursday, a stop at the eye doctor's. Friday...well, we won't go there just yet....

Have a nice day.


Margaret said…
"When we say we are going to protect the environment, you don't have to trust us, you don't have to believe us," said Val Washington, director of the division of mineral resources at DEC. "But look at our track record. I think it's pretty good."

Hmm. Really? That's their argument even though they have no plans for the evil waste. Someone didn't make the debate team.


I put my $ on the Maine salmon bringing in a disease the NYers haven't developed an immunity to.
FoulHooked said…
What's the matter, couldn't take the time to comment on 2 separate posts?

I agree, it probably was not the right thing to say, but I understand the sentiment she was trying to convey. Do keep in mind she works for the state.

As far as the salmon go, I don't think it will be an issue. I don't know if it will work as well as they hope, but they've already stocked them in Lake Ontario with (relatively) good results. Besides, I don't know of any viable wild populations (much less native) of ll salmon in NY that any disease would threaten.

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