Bronzeback Paradise

Spent all day Saturday wading the Grass River up in Massena for smallies. I learned several things;

-I can indeed still cast my 5/6 wt (hasn't been done in quite a while)
-Smallmouth don't tire nearly as quickly as I thought
-In additon to slower/stillwater pools, they will also hold in and aggressively feed from trouty-looking lies
-Setting the hook on a 10" creek chub with the same vigor as a 12" smallmouth will likely propel it directly at your nether-region
-The Grass River has some really beautiful riffles
-I love fishing for smallmouths and will make it a point to get to the Mowhawk this week
-I still hate deerflies and horseflies
-Beaching is often a more reliable alternative to a landing net


Flying Ties said…
You're aiming this post directly at my heart.

I love smallies. Its probably because it was the first good sized fish I've figured out how to dial in to. They are incredibly fun, super aggressive, and picky at the same time. They pull like freight trains for their respective size and a day catching good sized smallmouth never, ever leaves you wishing you had been somewhere else.

I plan on doing some small stream smallie fishing in the near future. I have lots of access to warm water small stream in Ft. Anne. Trout are stocked but not near where I'll be.

Sounds like that trip was great and I'm pretty envious.

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