Moving On

Couple pieces of (what I consider) great news this bright and beautiful Monday (well, Monday's always suck...but at least I'm home) morning. If you want to skip the BS for the really important stuff, head towards the bottom.

"Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are 'What might have been.'"
-Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle (finally read the second half Friday afternoon)

That may be true, but right now, all I can say is, "Thank god it wasn't."

Long story short, I will never have to visit (much less re-locate to) Oklahoma again. It's always sad when something ends, especially something you've given so much of yourself to. But today is looking so much brighter than recent weeks, and for so many reasons. Even disregarding the personal reasons and sticking strictly to the practicality of it all...

-I will not have to leave my beloved trout. Our renewed relationship (by way of the fly) would have been something very hard to part with.
-My finances will have an opportunity to recover. Have you watched airfare over the past 6 months? And it's only going up from here with all the cutbacks. Weekly 1-3 hour trips in search of fish will remain more economical than monthly trips 2/3 cross country.
-In keeping with the financial upswing, NEW GEAR! Once again a possibility. I mean, come on, how long can you go without buying a new rod? I'm already a year since my last purchase, and my 2-rod collection is completely inadequate as far as even covering all the basics.
-"Spare" money and time also mean...a new companion (potentially). Last Summer/Fall I was heavy into the search for a canine counterpart. Once again I will have to enter the debate (with myself) over helping out a shelter/rescue dog or taking on a lifelong bond with a purebred pup. A decision I have found nearly impossible to make as of yet, and one that was put on hold over the winter as other considerations pushed it to the back burner.

How can you beat that?
-Family and friends are the two most important things in life (besides fishing of course...well maybe even ahead of that). Other than Big Sis and her family, at least 90% of everyone I care about is within 2 hours of me, and will remain so (at least for now). It's a good trade.
-Mountains, snow, ecologically responsible mindsets...these are things I could not go long without. I already don't see My Adirondacks enough...separate us by an additional 1,500 miles and I just might go insane.
-There is of course, the Job. To say I am content here (at work) would be a major understatement. Great work, great co-workers, interesting(?) clients, (now) reasonable pay, upward throw that away would have been hard. Well, except for the flooded break room we found upon our collective return this morning. You can't have everything.
There are plenty more reasons to be happy with how things went this weekend. And like I said, I won't even get into the personal aspects of it all, but I know plenty of people (friends and family, and not the leas of them all, myself) who will be glad to know. It's about time.
From The Raconteurs-
"Take it as it comes, and be thankful when it's done."
I did, and I am.
And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...
and I sincerely hope I'm not stealing anyone's thunder here...but,
FoulHooked itself will be moving. Or at least the bulk of my posts. Alex has seen fit to expand the DayTripper site to include additional contributors, and I am honored to have been invited as one of them, especially as he had just recently contemplated calling it quits. For sure it's good to have him back and I can't wait to joing him over there. Details are still in the making, but in the coming weeks, I am looking forward to adding content to the layout he's come up with over there. Considering I had so many "projects" on Blogger that never got finished (ok, started), I can now just ride all the effort he's put into his site.
Like I said, we've only talked in general terms about it so far. In all likelihood, this page will remain here and perhaps even be updated occasionally. Maybe even some of those projects will start to bear fruit. And yes, for any of you guys that still enjoy flipping through the quotes widget, that will remain as well. Perhaps I'll bring a different version over with me. Who knows....
All I know is that I'm excited. I'll keep you (Margaret) updated as any new developments occur.
Moving on is good.


Flying Ties said…
I realize you don't really know me but it sounds as if the correct choice... outcome... has been met, or reached, as it were.

As for the dogs, this is something I know a little about. We were looking at rescue greyhounds when we decided to head over to Petsmart where the ADKSPCA was having a little get together. We left with a 1 year old unneutered, underweight, lab/hound mix. Now over 2 years later he's been an awesome dog. We were concerned with his potentially high energy level, but he's totally the lap dog and much to my dismay hates the water or getting his feet wet. Pansy.

Anyway, we ended up with a greyhound as well anyway and then a year later took another one in for fostering which ultimately became our third "kid". He had too many mental scars and was too old to be rehabbed so we just kept him and wouldn't give him up for the world now.

Bottom line, adopt one that needs a home. Try to focus on the type of dog you want. If you really want a pure bred, consider rescuing one. If you have any other questions about this stuff, you know how to get ahold of me. Hopefully we'll be able to talk about it sometime in the near future.

Best of luck with everything,
Miss Margaret said…

If ya really don't get along with the one you adopt, I know a bleeding heart that has a "special needs" lab that would prolly take your cast-off. Speaking of Special Lucky, he's very excited to know that he might be getting a cousin. OK, I totally made that up. But, I'm stoked.

I'm trying to come up with a canine twist to "bros before hoes." "Pups before A & B cups." (C or D cups....) Nah. What's a boy dog called? "That word and bitches before Bitches."
Those suck, but there needs to be one.

How to tell if fishing is more important than family....does he spend spare time & money taking a trip to FL?
Yep, I'm can be a bitch. Guilt ya into a visit. Nice.

Congrats and I'm sorry it was such a mess. It'll prolly be a good story. Maybe you'll share it sometime.

PS - (Because I read too much kiddie poetry,) I told Carmela, "Watch out, Lil' Trout." She replied, "I'm not a little fish Mommy, I'm a Caribbean reef shark."
Sorry, ridiculous 3-year-old. My bad.
FoulHooked said…
Margaret-I completely forgot to add that to the list of things now more easy to accomplish, trips to FL. Throughout all this BS I have racked up 1, potentially 2 round-trip frequent flyer tickets...normally I'd save them for something that would have ended up costing more, but with the skyrocketing airfare, I might have to use them just to get down to u guys.

As far as a "cast-off," you know me, I (for one) take my committments seriously (and that's what taking on a relationship with a pet is)...that just wouldn't happen.

FT-We do need to get together soon.

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