Want to try casting a fly?

Live near an LL Bean?

I can't vouch for the instruction, but at $15 for a couple hours of instruction, seems like a great alternative if you don't have someone to show you the ropes, or at least way to introduce yourself to fly-fishing (at least the casting part...doubtful that there is any actual fishing involve...but I could be wrong) without the need to spend money on gear and beginner's casting lessons.

I wish this was around when I was getting going the last 2 seasons. So far, the only "instruction" I've had was at an informal TU event at Hovey Pond in Glens Falls some (10? 15?) years ago. Granted it was free, and I'm sure the instruction was valuable, but I can't say I took anything with me from it. With LL Bean now literally around the corner from the office (OK, 2 corners), it would have been a great way to re-introduce myself and actually learn how to cast. Oh well, I may check it some time anyway just to see what it's all about...we can all still learn after all. And any "pride" in my casting is certainly not going to prevent me from letting someone else lead me.

Of course, they also have kayaking and "GPS Techno Treasure Hunt" (geocaching?) trips. Once again, for a couple hours "instruction" (at the very least, entertainment), $15 isn't bad...cheaper than a pair of movie tickets (say, if you weren't able to get that date).


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