Life is good...

Maybe I'll get a chance to post some pics of "the good, the bad and the ugly" from last weekend. 12 straight hours of trolling brought us 7 brown trout...and a few other stories along the way.

Hit the creek twice and the Kinderhook twice this week...water's been a bit high, not any signs of trout in the Kinderhook that I could see, but I know they're there. Most importantly, got a grab from a 14-16" trout on the creek with a simple fire-fly imitation I tied...basically just a brown foam beetle with a flo-yellow butt. Of course, he ran a few yards downstream through the boulders (masterfully handled by yours truly), and then tried to wrap himself under a downed tree. Now, the tree, being between myself and the pool, has always been a bit forbidding, but this was the first time it ever gave me any real trouble. With only 9' of reach (including my arm and some body-lean) I just couldn't get him to swim out from under the tree to where I could steer him to a landing area. Finally, he popped off, and amazingly, I didn't snag the tree. I didn't get to bring him to hand, but at least I know he's not tethered to the tree to die (another reason to go barbless).

Sunday it's off to Nags Head with a buttload of people.

"A buttload, how much is a buttload?"
"1000 dollars. I base that on the fact that one time, I fit 5 dollars up my butt, and well, not to brag or anything, but I figure I could fit way more up there. WAY more! Easy!"

Be down there for the week, the girl is flying in on the 3rd. Got competing charters going out this Monday, maybe some surf-casting as well. No fly though...unless...nah.

For now, I'm just loving life, much as xkcd does...

xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel


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