There are no cats in America...

Oh Fievel, you were so naive. Unfortunately, there really are no trout in Central Oklahoma.

I'm sitting in Tulsa Int. Airport, tres early for my flight, avoiding my "weekend takehome work" at Chili's. Naturally, interweb is a good diversion.

You might check out the DayTripper's updated site, complete with forum. I did. It's more enjoyable than AutoCad.

Apparently, he and Mr. Shaq will be attending the Clearwater Junction 2008 Fly Tying Show this weekend. Not that I'll be missed, but I can't make it this weekend. Prior commitments can be so burdensome...but if the salmon are calling, I'll be there. Hopefully I'll be able to swing by Spey Nation in a few weeks...also on my way to Lake Ontario. It won't just be an experience, it is The Experience.

Until then, someone's going to have to start buckling down at work. Just not today. Why are there cartoon mice still singing in my head? Surely it's not the strictly regulated 3.2% alcohol beer they have here in the Bible Belt.

Flying...the only way to travel. Thank providence for low rent and minuscule car payments. Still makes it hard to save up for a new 6 wt. though.


Margaret said…
haha - Fievel. That's even sillier than the musical. Yet, I still strongly prefer it. (Did you know how to spell that lil' mouse's name or did you interweb search for the movie. That's what I woulda had to do. I'm such a literati.)

Also, maybe if you refer to it as "homefun" in your head, it'll be way cooler.

Shit, now i have Zombie running through my head. Better than the mousies or Broadway.
FoulHooked said…
looks like that new 6 wt might change into a new 3 wt...

Yes, I had to look that up. And yes, I am soooo thankful that nothing from CATS has entered my subconcious (other than the leotard-clad stage-nymphs...thank you school trip from my adolescence).

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