Addicted with the first high, and from then on, every waking moment is focused on where, when and how you'll score your next one. The cravings consume you. Everything takes a back seat. Jobs, food, relationships, yard- and house-work, grooming...family and friends take note of a downward spiral and voice their concern. Your boss informs you that your livelihood is in jeopardy. Any and all cash is spent on feeding the thirst as soon, or sometimes long before, it comes in. The (domestic partner) threatens (or indeed, carries out with) severing the relationship, dumping you in the street. It matters not, there is only one thing that concerns you. The fly rod is your syringe.

I don't have time for a haircut or shave these days (often barely time for a shower). I temporarily return my line-clippers to their original duty of fingernail trimming for a few spare minutes while at the office. Dirty laundry heaps around my hamper. My car is littered with random fishing equipment, bits of trimmed tippet, and of course, plenty of trash. And with 1,600 miles separating myself from any potential nagging about how my time is spent or how I smell, life does not get much better than this. So I will enjoy it, until the January chill forces me into withdrawal.

On the phone last night she asked me, somewhat incredulously, "Do you fish every day?"

I wish the answer were yes. Unfortunately, life and weather both occasionally get in the way. A couple of biker-anglers (not cyclists) I met up at Default Pool Sunday afternoon asked a similar question.

"How often do you fish this stretch?"
"As much as I can."

Sure, I want to explore, but when the gettin's good at home, why roam?

In between thunder and pouring rain last night, I got 2 small stockies and broke off something larger (perhaps Gil?). That was after some sunfish on the float-and-fly (no fly rod in the car) during lunch yesterday. Do I fish every day? No. But I probably average at least a daily trip. If only I could make myself rise early enough...a morning trip would certainly bump that average a bit.


Flying Ties said…
You've put into words a post that I've been trying to make.

This thing is an absolute obsession. My truck, too, is littered with fishing stuff. Its a large truck but only a standard cab so not much room.

This week has been nothing more than work and wil lhave to be - I have a deadline to meet of this weekend. I need to get everything done by Wednesday, though, so I can fish on thursday and for a few hours on Sunday.

I actually had to remove my two rods, waders, boots, and flies from my truck so I wouldn't be tempted to hit the Hudson for "30 minutes" after work".

I'm even walking to work to further curb my enthusiasm. FH, we're a lot alike. I am missing the best trout fishing of the year to chase bass and sunfish because they're close and easy. Again, why roam when I can catch 1lb plus bluegills and 3 or 4lb (potentially) smallmouth 5 minutes from home. Both pull harder than any trout I'll catch here besides in the famous river 40 minutes away.

We need to get together sometime - I can show you a(nother) fun and reliable place to catch fun spunky river smallies.
FoulHooked said…
"for "30 minutes" after work"

Funny how that half hour tends to double and redouble itself without you noticing. I can't bring myself to leave the pool for dinner if I can't fool a fish into eating what I brought for them.

I do need to hit some bigger water though...now that the chubs are active I spend most my time taking them off the hook.
Flying Ties said…
I haven't caught a chub yet and the smallies are way more interested in the flies than the sunfish in the spot I'm talking about. I watched one as big as 18" get taken on a yellow curly tail grub by a spinning angler who donated some mono to me after I broke my leader (again).

I actually had a hard time catching the sunfish, mostly small pumpkinseed/bluegill hybrids, because the smallies were ALL OVER the flies.

I've got two good spots with shore access where you don't even have to change your loafers (figurative) from work, and two or three spots that have proven to be good available by Kayak.

All bass, but it's fun!
Margaret said…
nice life. one nagger 1600 miles away, one 1300 miles, and the other 2 a couple o' hundred miles. too bad there's still the teley and interweb. thank god we can't smell u over them. yet.
FoulHooked said…
well...im not nearly as concerned with keeping myself smelling nice around you people...in fact, sometimes pungency has its benefits...besides, everyone learns to tune out family nagging.

also, i think you need to check your math...nobody relevent is a couple hundred miles away, and there should be 1 more nagger i think
Margaret said…
whoops. k, well i was only counting female naggers and for some reason picturing you out western ny and mom and mare both lg area - putting youa couple o' hundred miles apart. tired. very tired. two too many kiddos up all night and nutty today.
Margaret said…

i get it now. i take 'happy pills', go to a shrink, and am always on the lookout for kids that need some extra care. mare goes for counseling and helps women & children. you fish.

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