"So what exactly did you come here for?"

If a casting instructor asks you this, it's probably for 1 of 2 reasons...

-your form is good and they can't really see anything to help you with, or

-you think your form is good and won't let them help you with anything because you are an ass

Imagine my surprise when, Sunday afternoon, when Mr. LL Bean casting instructor was having trouble finding an area to improve my (basic) casting. Thankfully, through mutual examination, we were able to diagnose and work towards a remedy for my tailing-loop. (Recognition of the problem was mostly mine...the solution was all his...now it's practice practice practice)

Joe and I headed over to Wolf Road to check out the fly-casting "Walk-On Adventure" (which included neither adventure or much walking...it was more about a short bus-ride to a park and some valuable basic instruction). A simple overview of the 4-Part Cast and a couple additional pointers, and Joe had it down. The material covered was rather limited (standard, false and roll cast), and the value was in the instruction. With only Joe and I there, it was very hands on, and while the lesson-plan was kept simple, any questions were welcomed and answered.

We casted Streamlight outfits (6 wt. if I remember...). Once back at the store, Joe made the decision to purchase one for himself. 9' 4pc 6 wt. Streamlight combo, spare tippet, flotant, some tools, and a box o' flies. Well equipped, we hit the creek, and he scored his first (and second) fish on the fly (ok, it was a foam beetle, but as I've said before, the method is what matters, not the imitation or materials). Considering it was tough fishing (lowest, slowest and clearest water I've seen this year...but still cool), first day on the fly, and an outfit a bit overweight for trout on such a small stream, couldn't ask for much more. In fact, he outfished me 2-1. Considering they were both on my beetle, and I got him rigged up, and he lost the fly on the overhead powerlines (hey, it happens there...I've done it), I'm considering those my fish...

...or at least, we can split them.


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