Petroleum Exploration in the Adirondack High Peaks

...a hypothetical.

A twist on the great oil debate. The Adirondacks are one of the greatest places on earth, and a true rarity in the amount of (regulatory) protection offered over such a vast area. What would you do if your favorite wilderness area were under attack?

Geologically speaking, rich petroleum deposits in the High Peaks are considerably less than likely (i.e., impossible), but I thought it was an interesting analog. What if garnet suddenly jumped in value?


Flying Ties said…
I tend to stay out of petrolium discussions for reasons much like I stay out of religious discussions, but for garnet mines...

As long as they dont dump toxic waste in lakes (ala Canada), don't turn beautiful country side into toxic waste dumps (ala pebble mine), and fill the old mines with water and weeds and stock them with huge warm water fish, I'm ok with it. The last part is absolutely critical though.
FoulHooked said…
This may just be the consultant in me, but some of the most beautiful places you'll see (lakes, parks, golf courses) are reclaimed mines. As deep lakes, they can be great for coldwater fisheries too. Of course, abandoned mines also account for some of the most unattractive and toxic places.

Nobody's gonna chop down my mountains for pretty stones though.
FoulHooked said…

Best summary/rant I've read so far on the situation. Of course, hindsight *is* 20-20.

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