January 30, 2009

More Upper Hudson River Access in the ADKs

The Daily Gazette this morning carried the AP story about some of what's happening with all those Nature Conservancy lands in the Adirondack Park that were acquired in last year's Finch Pruyn deal. Looks like we might be getting some use out of them sooner than expected.

Better than half of the original 161k acres is being sold off to a logging company...I know what you're thinking...but;

"The next company, which [TNC] declined to identify, will get the land subject to conservation easements that prevent development and require logging according to certified "green" standards. "

OK, so they're going to log it. OK, so "certified green standards" is pretty ambiguous at this point. But, the good news is, when we make our perennial jaunts to Newcomb, I have some more water to check out. And you do too.

It's a good thing. This is the way the park was envisioned when established. A balance between forever wild lands and sustainable local economies. Logging is a scary word to some, but the Adirondacks has been a sustainable and responsible practice in the Park for over 100 years now...all that changes is that everyone has a little more access to some beautiful, if privately owned, lands.

January 29, 2009

The Fight Over West Canada Creek

Flipping through the Gazette at work today and saw an interesting article; thought it might be worth a mention but the Marshall already has it under control.

Haven't had a chance to fish WC yet, but I really should. Hopefully the trout will still be there when I get around to it.

The article mentions a Mohawk Watershed Symposium, might be able to finagle my way over there to catch some speakers (even if it is put on by Union...Duck the Futchmen!).

January 28, 2009


When I can't get out and see a bit of nature, I rely on NatureGirl to give me a glimpse of her day. Today was certainly no let down. Kinda makes me miss the days of constantly stepping in rabbit and deer droppings.

January 27, 2009

Almost Pure

February...the month of purity, mud, pearls...new beginnings as I move next door to carp and smallies, 10 minutes further from Default and her trout.

Mr. Phil will be popping out shortly to let us know how much winter is left...and I still don't have a 3 wt yet...

No worries, I'm watching ebay and have several contingency plans waiting just in case. There's still plenty of time before I'll even have a chance to use a small stream rod, but it's hard not to feel anxious knowing it isn't leaning in the corner ready to go at a moments notice.

January 22, 2009

"We Loves Steelheads"

Some day I'd like to fish some BC rivers (that is, so long as they don't end up making it unbearabley burdensome...). Of course, the big draw is pure, unadulterated steel. The Steelhead Society of British Columbia is doing their part to make sure those fish are protected, and it seems Ms. Vokey has taken the lead in a "Flies for Fins" fundraiser.

The idea is, send some flies, save some metal.

I don't know how many eggs and leeches it would take to save a whole fish...I better get tying.

If you're on StalkerBook too, you can check out the Flies for Fins group. People are posting pictures of what they're sending, and that's kinda cool, but I don't think anything I make should be forced upon human eyes. Maybe people will pay not to have to look at them.

January 16, 2009

That's the type of dedication I'm after...

...though I'm curious if human hair is the best tying material.

I recently purchased Dave Hughes' Trout Flies: The Tier's Reference from B&N (thank you for the gift card), along with a methods book (I wish I could have afforded the Benchside Reference at the time...).

I have to say, Hughes' book is quite good. I like the way it's written, and the pictures are of course excellent. Anyway, the Young Miss has had her interest in fly tying piqued, and we've flipped through a few times, noting for which I have materials (and skills) available to tie, and which patterns she has to tie (that sparkly furled-yarn damsel is a must-have in so many colors).

Of course, this new-found interest has lead to some other surprising developments. For instance, out of the blue one day, she exclaimed, "Hey! I could cut some of my hair off to tie flies!"

Now, I know we've all thought that at one time or another (...wait, you're telling me I'm the only one?), but coming from her was more than I could take. Before I could get my laughter under control, she made the obvious next step...

"Wait...you need a hair cut...."

Been down that road before. I don't care how sweet and pretty you are, only the pros get a shot at me. Now I have to replace all the scissors I expelled from the vicinity in panic.

Don't have a whole lot to do tomorrow. Other than deep-fry a turkey (what better way to celebrate absolutely nothing; gotta love roommates). Maybe it's time for a jaunt over to Manchester. Let her see how it's really done. I've taken her about as far as I can down this path. You never know, maybe I'll learn a way around my clumsy hands while there too...? At the very least, I'll bet I can trick her into buying some fancy materials that I can't afford and she thinks look pretty.

Or maybe we'll just sit around the deep-fryer, trying not to light the house on fire.

January 9, 2009

Longing by Default

That looks fishable, right?
Maybe in 4 months.
2009 Goal for Default: Head upstream and find some wild brookies. Hopefully, I'll still be living close enough to visit on a daily basis. Somehow I'm gonna have to scrape together enough scratch to replace my 3 wt by then. Those Bean gift cards might help. Unless you know of a better way.

January 7, 2009

Damn, why didn't I think of that?

Backpacker updates on the story of a college student playing hardball to steal development rights to public lands that were up for auction away from energy developers.

What did he end up with? Oh, about 22,500 acres...and a 1.7 million dollar lease. Of course, he can't pay it, and actually never intended to, but the threat of jail time has him scrambling for a down-payment.
I know what you're thinking. "Wow, this kid's got a lot of guts. It's good to see someone take on the big guys for once."
But I see it for what it really is. This kid just scored thousands of acres of prime recreational land...for free. And now he's got you paying for it. How do I get in on something like this?
Props. Let's help him out.

January 6, 2009

Filthy Meat-Hunter

That's me.

Rung in the new year with some frozen-water fishing. Headed up north with Brian (his pics below) for my first true ice fishing experience ever.

Hey, I'd rather be on the river, but who can complain on a day like this?

Cut travel time in half and fill the freezer...I can handle that.

Actually...our combined catch is on the right...pretty much everything on the left is Larry's haul.

Should be an adequate way to pass the winter. Cheaper than heading west to the tribs. Now, if I could only find some way to stock my fly boxes while I'm wasting time on the ice...

She'll do. Don't mind the surprised look, she's just so totally into tying, she can't hold back.

First flies ever tied...

They'll fish.

January 2, 2009


Spey Nation '09...June 20 to be exact...I plan on actually making it this year.
Brought to you by The Angler's Net.