"We Loves Steelheads"

Some day I'd like to fish some BC rivers (that is, so long as they don't end up making it unbearabley burdensome...). Of course, the big draw is pure, unadulterated steel. The Steelhead Society of British Columbia is doing their part to make sure those fish are protected, and it seems Ms. Vokey has taken the lead in a "Flies for Fins" fundraiser.

The idea is, send some flies, save some metal.

I don't know how many eggs and leeches it would take to save a whole fish...I better get tying.

If you're on StalkerBook too, you can check out the Flies for Fins group. People are posting pictures of what they're sending, and that's kinda cool, but I don't think anything I make should be forced upon human eyes. Maybe people will pay not to have to look at them.


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