Filthy Meat-Hunter

That's me.

Rung in the new year with some frozen-water fishing. Headed up north with Brian (his pics below) for my first true ice fishing experience ever.

Hey, I'd rather be on the river, but who can complain on a day like this?

Cut travel time in half and fill the freezer...I can handle that.

Actually...our combined catch is on the right...pretty much everything on the left is Larry's haul.

Should be an adequate way to pass the winter. Cheaper than heading west to the tribs. Now, if I could only find some way to stock my fly boxes while I'm wasting time on the ice...

She'll do. Don't mind the surprised look, she's just so totally into tying, she can't hold back.

First flies ever tied...

They'll fish.


Flying Ties said…
I know exactly where you should fish the center fly on May 16th.

You know the place.

Welcome (back) to hardwater. This is my second year but this year I'm a lot more serious than last year. I have an extra jig set up if you're ever looking to go.
Miss Margaret said…
two weeks and you can take a break from the ice and fish on the intercostal. of course, we are expecting a cold front to come through tonight. it'll be in the sixties and seventies for the rest of this week. hopefully it'll warm back up for your trip. schedule looks like fri will be our boating day. i assume you'd like wil to leave some fishing gear on board for you. don't wanna have to check the "grenade launcher" this time.
Miss Margaret said…
your girl can have the kids at work tie flies for a craft project. she could put little rubber stoppers over the hooks. or not. thin out the herd.

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