Longing by Default

That looks fishable, right?
Maybe in 4 months.
2009 Goal for Default: Head upstream and find some wild brookies. Hopefully, I'll still be living close enough to visit on a daily basis. Somehow I'm gonna have to scrape together enough scratch to replace my 3 wt by then. Those Bean gift cards might help. Unless you know of a better way.


Flying Ties said…
Albright. Tackle.

Now, for that sage advice, I think I need to go with you.
FoulHooked said…
"Now, for that sage advice, I think I need to go with you."

Sure. I'll even let you pay. That's just the kind of guy I am.
Shaq said…
you don't need to drop large coin on a 3, I bought my 2 for $100 and love that stick. As long as it bends to the cork and can flick 30 feet, you are fine. I overline it with a 3 level and it can cast buggers. Even the high cost sticks can't throw 50 feet. Albright are good sticks but try the auctions too. A nice old Fenwick glass 3 would be a nice find. Never mind that last part...I never said it.

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