That's the type of dedication I'm after...

...though I'm curious if human hair is the best tying material.

I recently purchased Dave Hughes' Trout Flies: The Tier's Reference from B&N (thank you for the gift card), along with a methods book (I wish I could have afforded the Benchside Reference at the time...).

I have to say, Hughes' book is quite good. I like the way it's written, and the pictures are of course excellent. Anyway, the Young Miss has had her interest in fly tying piqued, and we've flipped through a few times, noting for which I have materials (and skills) available to tie, and which patterns she has to tie (that sparkly furled-yarn damsel is a must-have in so many colors).

Of course, this new-found interest has lead to some other surprising developments. For instance, out of the blue one day, she exclaimed, "Hey! I could cut some of my hair off to tie flies!"

Now, I know we've all thought that at one time or another (...wait, you're telling me I'm the only one?), but coming from her was more than I could take. Before I could get my laughter under control, she made the obvious next step...

" need a hair cut...."

Been down that road before. I don't care how sweet and pretty you are, only the pros get a shot at me. Now I have to replace all the scissors I expelled from the vicinity in panic.

Don't have a whole lot to do tomorrow. Other than deep-fry a turkey (what better way to celebrate absolutely nothing; gotta love roommates). Maybe it's time for a jaunt over to Manchester. Let her see how it's really done. I've taken her about as far as I can down this path. You never know, maybe I'll learn a way around my clumsy hands while there too...? At the very least, I'll bet I can trick her into buying some fancy materials that I can't afford and she thinks look pretty.

Or maybe we'll just sit around the deep-fryer, trying not to light the house on fire.


Miss Margaret said…
yeah, i like her. hair can be handy.

if she was coming down with you, i'd help her borrow our "professional" hair-clipper thingy and attack. having cut carl's hair with it at least a half dozen times, i'm definitely a pro now. got the fade down. the first time was a, um, relationship builder. on second thought, better save that test for a few more years.
Flying Ties said…
Bring her up to the tying club in Chestertown one week to meet one of the best tiers in the ADK's, NYS, and maybe even the country.

I know what you're thinking, I'm the second best... this guy is even better than me. (har har)

My wife cuts my hair, but its easy since I don't have a lot left. Just a nice set of pro-quality clippers.
Shaq said…
Hey Ed, Sorry I couldn't spend more time with you guys. I was a bit surprised at the amount of kids there. Hopefully we can find some time to show you the ropes soon. Human hair isn't as subtle as it looks when it's cut short and it doesn't float so dry flies are out. Dog hair works quite well for buggy nymphs.
Miss Margaret said…
dog hair? yay! now i have an excuse not to vacuum before you visit!

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