The Fight Over West Canada Creek

Flipping through the Gazette at work today and saw an interesting article; thought it might be worth a mention but the Marshall already has it under control.

Haven't had a chance to fish WC yet, but I really should. Hopefully the trout will still be there when I get around to it.

The article mentions a Mohawk Watershed Symposium, might be able to finagle my way over there to catch some speakers (even if it is put on by Union...Duck the Futchmen!).


Alex said…
I'll probably go check this out, too. Let me know if you want to carpool.
Shaq said…
too many secrets in that article!!! Geeze, I thought I saw a video about stones the other where was that...haha.

Please report on the symposium.
_gamma_ray_ said…
geesh...why do i live in western Oneida county? Well...when you come to fish you better visit me ;-)
FoulHooked said…
Still waiting for word on the Symp., hopefully work will foot the fee if I need to pay.

Yeah yeah me a 3 wt and I'll come pick it up on the way to the stream. Gotta be at least 7'6" though. I'll bring someone else along and they can show you how to cast (trust me, you dont want to learn from me). Then you can come with.
Miss Margaret said…
Come on, Foul, Union has it's positive aspects. It's a fabulous place to turn around when you are running late on Christmas day and find yourself headed in the opposite direction of the future in-laws.

Yeah, you love my non-fishing-related comments.

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