"Don't worry if the horse is blind, just load the wagon."

John Madden, a man after my own heart.

Yet again I fail at following my own advice to maintain a sequential order of sorts. Found myself in LLBean this weekend to pick up some neoprene socks and Aquaseal...and found myself walking out with several packs of tying materials.

Obviously there's nothing wrong with this...especially since it was all cheap stuff (marabou, calf-tail pieces, wire)...but I have yet to take on decontaminating all of the materials I recently sorted through (trimming the fat, so to speak) and creating some storage solutions. At this point, I'm just adding feed for my little housemates.

So this week's do or die project is solving these problems. With the help of some potentially dangerous chemicals, good old-fashioned cedar, and good advice from others, I hope to get my materials, and flies, up to snuff. I've always (always being the past 18 months or so) agonized over mashed hackles...Singlebarbed's steam method should solve that problem. So simple...only an idiot could overlook it.


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