My Horse is Still Blind

Got a decent size order in the mail from J. Stockard, and still haven't organized or quarantined/disinfected anything yet. Thankfully everything was shipped USPS so it shouldn't be here until Monday. Still, it might be a good idea to pick up some mothballs and cedar strips tonight and get things soaking over the weekend.

Did manage about an hour of practice yesterday after work, dusting off the 6-wt. If it ever warms up again...and the wind stays down...I might be able to break out the 3.


Flying Ties said…
Today was a great day to get out and this week looks even better.

I spent about 5 hours chasing small sunfish and bass in a creek in Ft. Anne teaching a friend of mine how not to get his fly line caught in the tree (his first time out).

4 bites, and 1 hooked fish (that jumped off) for me, 1 hit for him but he missed the hookset.

Welcome to spring!

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