Who knew....?

Quite "off topic" but...did you know that according to a 1992 court ruling, women cannot be prosecuted for baring their breasts in public under New York State lewdness laws unless it is for commercial gain? I'll let you Google this one yourself, but be careful what you click on (you know, depending on your environment). Kinda makes you wish more people knew about this...I sure didn't. Thank you interweb.

With all the wind the past couple days, a few acres of the lake have broken open despite the cool temps. Looks like I might have to at least get some casting practice in tomorrow before heading out to meet up with the family. Winter's been too long...gotta shake off the dust and clear the mind.


Anonymous said…
i distinctly remember being 12, hearing about this, and thinking life was about to get a whole lot better.

FoulHooked said…
and yet...it really hasnt...what a shame.

is it any different in LA?

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