More Steps Towards Recovering the Winooski...

(from Ted Williams' blog)

It's amazing country. My favorite place that I am lucky enough to spend time for work once in a great while. No matter what your interest (or what season you prefer), there's something to do in the Winooski valley. Make the trip if only to sample the freshest-possible Ben & Jerry's. Or visit a granite or marble mine, museum, or just tour the sculptures. Take a hike or go skiing.

Of course, you could go fishing too...

Seriously, if you have the chance, take the family up there. Tell them I sent you.

Sorry for sounding like a tourism's just a place I wanted to share.

Oh yeah, the people are quite friendly too. Like the (very local) couple that stopped their "vehicle" on a dirt road alongside which I was fishing last August/September. He had never seen anyone wave a fly rod...and she apparently had never been the one to end a conversation. We talked and they watched for more than a (fishless) half hour before the distance, and my inability to look and shoutalk (it's a word, trust me) in one direction and cast in another, became cumbersome to the conversation. Despite this, it was really nice to have a chat with people so friendly. Of course, I immediately became self-conscious about my technique when they showed up, but they didn't seem to mind my lack of finesse.

Some day I'll find the time (between the ever pressing work deadlines, sleep and food requirements, social "obligations" (i.e. trips to the bar), any available time spent on the water...and the all important video-games) to catch up on overdue trip summaries and reports, pictures, etc...this is definitely one trip that I plan to make as regular as possible.


Shaq said…
One of my favorite trips on the "No License Needed" day in VT has been the Winooski. A nice population of wild trout up there. It could be so much more though.

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