Heeding One's Own Advice

It's never easy.

For example; finishing projects before moving on to new ones, not putting the cart before the horse and, especially, not overextending yourself for something you dont need.

I found myself pouring over tying vises this morning (not like I have the spare time to do that as it is). The DanVise is pretty tempting, especially at under $80.

See, I consider tying more or less an essential part of the fly-fishing passtime (for me it's a hobby, not a sport, art, etc.). I tied my first flies years before I learned to cast them. Everyone in my generation (of tyers) must be familiar with the yellow wooley bugger. I'm pretty sure it's the only pattern they let you tie at the 1-hour introduction to tying course. I still have 4 or 5 left from that first foray (about 12 years ago) that haven't yet rusted out. Following that, I continued with some streamers and bucktails. If memory serves me correctly, my first (and still only) LLS came trolling one of my own paltry black-nosed-dace-like creations on Lake George. [Speaking of land-locks, Happy Valentines Day Lake Champlain Salmonids]

Well, over the years, I have fallen (waaaayyyy) out of practice. Those early compilations of fur and feather far exceed anything I can put together right now. And seeing as I have been failing misereabley at getting some streamtime, getting back to tying would be the next logical step.

Unfortunately, there are always too many unfinished projects and time commitments, and I just spent a nice hunk of change on replacing my (ungainly) waders with something a little more practical and comfortable. And the truth is, I just don't need a new vice. The two I have, rough though they are, are still in working condition. Besides, it would be nice to brush up on some skills before making another investment (who knows, maybe I'll never develop a steady hand).

So what is a boy to do? Well, I can find/make time for tying (as Joe says, it isn't that you don't have enough time, you just haven't made it a priority). But for now, my aging, dilapidated, low quality vices will have to do. I can live with that. I think, though, this calls for a trip to Taylor & Vadney to see if they have any rabbit (if anyone has suggestions on additional Albany-area fly shops, I'm all ears). If I do make it to the river any time soon, it would be nice to have some custom bunny-strips with me. I hear white is the color for winter browns, but I'll take what I can get.


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